Saalfelden test circuit

A place where you can experience the maximum in adrenaline

The Ă–AMTC Fahrtechnik GmbH Zentrum (Saalfelden/Brandlhof) test circuit is located in one of Salzburg's most beautiful mountainous areas of Solnohrad, 20 km south of Lofer and 5 km north of Saalfelden. The complex takes up an area of 70,000 m² and allows testing of passenger cars, trucks, motorbikes and buses. Adrenaline fans can take advantage of steep or inclined circuits, hairpin turns or ample space to practice skidding.

From December to March, there are 220,000 m² of winter arenas near the centre, offering driving and testing of cars or tyres on snow and ice in the splendid scenery of the Alpine massifs. Two tracks are prepared for testing the new Nokian Tyres winter tyres, the first cca 1 km in length and the second cca 2.5 km in length.

What will you be able to try out? For example, your driving skills when cornering on snow. Oversteering and understeering are two common reactions when cornering too fast. That's why tyre stability is absolutely essential. You can also see for yourselves the advantages of Nokian Tyres for specific driving, whether braking or avoiding obstacles. In addition, as a passenger, you will experience a real adrenaline adventure full of drifts while driving the Mitsubishi Evo IX.

Get in, buckle up and go…